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Coco's Fund

Coco is a five year old poodle mix.  He has become blind due to mature cataracts.  With many years ahead of him, cataract surgery is a permanent fix that will allow him to see again.  

Coco is very friendly and loves people, dogs and cats.  He is house-trained and has excellent house manners.  We hope to raise the money to restore his vision so he can be adopted out into a loving home. 

Cataracts can cause a serious reactive inflammation inside the eye (Lens Induced Uveitis, or LIU) that must be medically treated, whether or not surgery is performed. LIU can lead to complications such as glaucoma or a detached retina. An additional potential complication in eyes not undergoing surgery is lens luxation, which can be quite painful depending on how the lens slips (luxates) out of position. Glaucoma is also painful, in the form of a headache. If surgery is not performed, lifetime anti-inflammatory eye drops will often be required.  

Cataract surgery can give a dog a wonderful new lease on life. For a blind dog to again be able to see its owner, to play with toys, look out the window and actually see things—this is life-changing for canine patients and their owners. 


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